Registration and Membership Instructions

!! Important !!

        1.  Registration fee must accompany each application submitted to the PHA office.

        2.  The fee for registering a stallion, mare, or gelding:
                 Members:               $35.00
                 Non-members:        $45.00

                             When becoming a member the first horse's registration fee will be $45.00 and all others
                             throughout the membership year will cost $35.00.

Membership and First Horse Registration - $75.00. 

Any additional horse registration during your active year of membership - $35.00.

        3.  Membership fee - $30.00 per year.         Quarterly newsletter issued to members.

        4.  We register all breeds of Palominos on color and conformation.

        5.  We register Cremello Palominos with blue eyes and issue a breeders certificate.

        6.  If horse is registered with a breed association such as Quarter Horse, Paint, Saddle Bred, Missouri Fox
             Trotter, Arabian, etc. Please submit a copy of breed papers along with the registration forms.

        7.  If horse is not registered with another breed association, please submit 4 color photos along with the
             registration forms.

        8.  The application should be filled out on the front.  If ancestry is known, please fill in (type or print), if ancestry
              is not known, just leave blank and horse will be registered by color.

        9.  A choice of three names will be submitted on the application.  Fill in sex of horse, color (body), and color of

       10. Transfers - $20.00.   Issue of new certificate due to any change in information will be $30.00.

       11.  Foreign membership is $35.00.  All funds must be US currency

       12.  Lifetime membership is $250.00 US.

"Owner of horse must fill in the following:"

Statement of owner:  I hereby state that all the foregoing information given in this application to my
knowledge and belief is correct.  Any misrepresentation subjects the registration to cancellation.

                Date  ______________            Owner's Signature   _________________________________ 
                Owner's Address   __________________________________________________________ 
                City, State,and Zip ____________________________________________________ 
                Phone #   __________________

                Member of Palomino Horse Association?    Yes  _______     No  _______    (check one)


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